Registration for the KSR category are open from the 20th of January 19:00. The other categories of the SurvivalStrijd open on the 16th of March!

There are a bunch of different distances and categories you can partake in:

9km Advanced Run

  • KSR
    9km for the survivalrun competition runners. A competition license from the SBN is mandatory.
    Dutch name: 9km Korte Survivalrun (KSR).
  • Recreational
    9km open for everyone, 35 obstacles and solo. This run is meant for those that are familiar with the survivalrun sport. You can gain 1 license qualification point by completing this run.
    Dutch name: 9km Recreanten.
  • Students
    9km run with less difficult and technical obstacles. It also has about 35 obstacles, but often lighter versions than for the 9km Recreational. This run is meant for enthusiastic, sporty people who aren’t experienced with the survivalrun sport, but do want an extra challenge. Experience with and knowledge of survivalrun techniques aren’t required but can be useful.
    Dutch name: 9km Studenten.

6km Enthousiast Run

  • Students
    6km, about 30 obstacles and solo. This is a fun run where you try to get through the obstacles on your own as quick as you can.
    Dutch name: 6km Studenten.
  • Teamrun
    6km, about 30 obstacles and in teams of 3-5 people. This is a fun run where you try to get through the obstacles with a team!
    Dutch name: 6km Teamrun.

You can sign up on THIS page. Unfortunately, there is no translation option on this external site yet. The categories above have the Dutch translation listed. If anything is unclear due to it being in Dutch, feel free to email us.

*If the signup website does not accept your foreign IBAN, please contact us at deelnemers@survivalstrijd.nl.

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