January 28, 2017

Company run

For companies highly affiliated with the TU Delft students, we would like to offer the opportunity to partake in the SurvivalStrijd. As a team of 2-5 people, your employees will be challenged to survive our survival run right in the middle of the TU Delft campus.

Not only will your employees experience the energy of all the students participating, the students will also view your company in a different and refreshing setting.
That’s not all! After the finish line, hot tubs will be waiting to celebrate your accomplishment. It is a perfect team building activity.

The costs are €100,- per 2-5 person team.
There is also an extra possibility to wear a special company run T-shirt during the run with your company logo. Only a limited number of T-shirts will be available so sign up as soon as possible!

Interested? Please send an e-mail to info@SurvivalStrijd.nl for more information or to sign up.