February 24, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a survivalrun?

A survival run is a race where the goal is to complete a course with obstacles as quickly as possible. The obstacles vary from rope climbing to kayaking and just about everything in between.

What should I wear?

Sports clothing that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty. A (running) tight is ideal, though other full-length sports pants are okay as well. Shorts are not advised given the rope based obstacles. We will provide you with a nice T-shirt with your starting number.

What can I win?

The top 3 guys and gals of both 9km categories will win something special. For the 5.5km, the fastest group, the group with the best outfit and the fastest guy and gal will also win something cool. In the newest category, the 5.5km PLUS, a price will be given to the fastest duo or individual.

Will there be other activities after I finish the run?

Straight after the run, a hot tub will be waiting for you to take a plunge in. After you’re all cleaned up, you can get something to eat and drink next to the start/finish.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up here.
On this website, first indicate whether or not you’re a member of the Survivalrun Bond Nederland (SBN). Afterwards, you can choose between the various categories that we offer and fill in your personal info. In the case of a duo or group run you first fill out the details of the main (paying) applicant and after that the info of the remaining participants. The last step is to check your registration and agree with the registration of personal information, the payment commitment and the participant regulations of the SBN. And then it’s only waiting until you’re standing at the start of the SurvivalStrijd 😉

Which category is best for me?

You are the best person to judge. The categories differ not only in distance (5.5km of 9km) but also in the number of obstacles and their difficulty level. The regular 5.5km has obstacles that are not too hard. This category doesn’t require any survival run experience and can also be done as a team. The 5.5km PLUS is considerably more difficult than the regular 5.5km, so knowledge of the survival run techniques is advised! You can also participate as a couple in this category. The 9km is on the level of an official Short Survival Run and is aimed towards people active in the survival run sport. Command over the survival run techniques is required.

I can run … km, does that mean I can handle the …km category?

Not necessarily. Because of the obstacles, a survival run is very different from running a distance. So being able to run a certain distance does not automatically mean that the corresponding category is the best option for you, as it also depends on your survival run experience. For the regular 5.5km category such experience is not necessary. For the new 5.5km PLUS category, survival run experience is recommended. The 9km category requires command over the survival run techniques.

What is the difference between the 5.5k and 5.5km PLUS categories?

The 5.5km is the normal, short distance that could also be run at the SurvivalStrijd in previous years. It is aimed at TU Delft students, with obstacles that are not too difficult and that do not require any survival run experience. In this category, it is possible to participate individually or in a team of up to five people.
Have you participated in the 5.5km before and do you want just that bit more? Then the 5.5km PLUS is the thing for you! This category is new since last year. In essence, you’ll cover the same distance as the regular 5.5km, but you’ll do the more difficult execution of the obstacles (the same as the participants of the 9km do) and you’ll do a few more obstacles. Therefore it is advisable to have some knowledge of survival run techniques. In this category, it is possible to participate individually or as a duo.

Can I participate if I don’t have any survival run experience yet?

Yes! If you don’t have any survival run experience yet, then the 5.5km category of the SurvivalStrijd is for you. This requires few specialised techniques. Do you want to gain some experience before participating in the SurvivalStrijd, or do you want to take on the challenge of the 5.5km PLUS category? Then it’s a good idea to join the Prep training! Keep an eye on the website for more information about this training.

How can I make sure that I’m in the same start group as my friends?

If you want to participate in the run together with friends, then you can make a request to run together (‘samenloopverzoek’). We’ll do your best to accommodate your request, but keep in mind that this is not always possible.
In the 5.5km and 5.5km PLUS categories, it is of course possible to participate with friends as a duo or group. Then you’re obviously guaranteed to start together with your friends 😉

When is the registration fee written off from my bank account?

Registration fees are written off weekly. This means it takes a maximum of 7 to 14 days after your registration before the registration fee is written off.

I have an injury or can, due to another reason, no longer participate. Can I get my money back?

If you unregister before April 11th, then restitution of the registration fee is possible. After this date, it is only possible to transfer your registration to someone else. Mail to deelnemers@SurvivalStrijd.nl to arrange this.

Can I transfer my registration?

Yes, it’s possible to transfer your registration to someone else. This can be done until May 4th. Mail to deelnemers@SurvivalStrijd.nl to arrange this. You’ll have to take care of the registration fee with your replacement.

When will the starting times be announced?

Approximate starting times are already known:
KSR: Between 09:30 and 10:10
9km niet-studenten: between 10:10 and 11:05
9km studenten: between 11:05 and 11:35
5.5km PLUS: between 11:35 and 12:00
5.5km: between 12:00 and 15:15
One week (seven days) before the SurvivalStrijd, all start numbers and starting times will be announced on the website.

Do you have a different question? Mail to info@SurvivalStrijd.nl