General information

The SurvivalStrijd

The SurvivalStrijd (“Survival Battle”) is a survival run hosted by members of Student Outdoor Sports Association Slopend in Delft each year in May. The course goes straight across (and around) the TU Delft campus! Aside from hosting a beautiful run with unique scenery for contestants from all across the Netherlands, the purpose of the SurvivalStrijd is to show TU Delft students why the survivalrun sport is so much fun.

When participating in the SurvivalStrijd this year, you can choose between five categories: 6km student, 6km group, 9km student, 9km recreational and 9km KSR. For more information on the categories, you can go to the page Categories.

SurvivalStrijd 2024 will take place on the 11th of May!

What is a survival run?

A survival run is a competition where the goal is to complete a course with obstacles as fast as possible. The obstacles can range from rope climbing to kayaking and about everything in between.

What should I wear?
Sports clothing that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty is fine. A (running) tight is ideal, though other full-length sports pants are okay as well. Long socks are nice as well. Shorts are not advised given the rope based obstacles. We will provide you with a beautiful T-shirt with your starting number.

What prizes can I win?
The top 3 (men and women) of the three categories of the 9km run and of the 6km solo category will win something special. For the 6km group category, the fastest group and the group with the best outfit will win something cool.

Will there be other activities after I finished the run?
After you’re finished you can soak in one of our hottubs, enjoy the music and a drink and support others fighting their way through the final obstacle.

Sounds great! Where do I sign up?
Signup for the 2024 KSR opens on Saturday the 20th of January at 19:00. All other categories open on the 16th of March. You can find the link here.

Are you running into problems when signing up, or do you have a different question? Look at our Frequently Asked Questions or mail to deelnemers@SurvivalStrijd.nl