March 20, 2018


The SurvivalStrijd is being conducted under the auspices of the Survival Bond Nederland (SBN). Because of this, the participant regulations of the SBN are apply. Besides this, rules will be added to ensure a safe run with the Coronavirus in mind. This page will be updated as soon as there is more information on the subject.

The translated version of the original Dutch document is visible below, if there is a difference between the two versions the Dutch version will be leading. The general and participant regulations can also be viewed on the SBN website:

Participant regulations 2021-2022

1 – Regulations
All participants (including the boards and trainers of the training groups and boards of run organizations) should be aware of these regulations.

2 – Liability
The participants participate at their own risk. During singup in UVP, the participant must place a check mark to agree with the included disclaimer. When the participant doesn’t place this check mark, they will not be able to sign up.

3 – Declaration of personal data
Declaration of incorrect personal data will nullify all obligations and responsibilities of the SBN to this person, and will result in cancellation of the registration for the run.

4 – Traffic rules
At all times it is the participant’s responsibility to follow the traffic rules. The traffic on the public roads has right of way.

5 – Transfer of participation permit
You cannot transfer your participation permit to a different person. A proof of identity can be requested (for example for insurance reasons). It is obligatory to show the participation permit during registration.

6 – Financial liability
The SBN, its board and committees cannot be held liable for the (financial) consequences of cancellation of events organized by its members, even if the race is organized under the auspices of the SBN.

7 – Wristlet
Every participant is required to start with a wristlet provided by the organization of the run. When skipping an obstacle or not following the track regulations, the participant is required to hand in their wristlet to a jury member or volunteer. At an open national championship (ONK) it is required to run with a red wristlet.

8 – Participant shirt and wristlet.
The participant is obligated to run with the by shirt and wristlet provided by the organization of the run. They are also required to wear these items without modifications so that they are visible.

9 – Starting late
The organization can decide if a late participant is still allowed to start, possibly with a time penalty.

10 – Deviation from the track
The track is marked with red and white barrier tape. Deviation from the track will result in disqualification.

11 – Time compensation
The obstacles are generally built several times in parallel. If all obstacles are occupied, you will not be given time compensation for the time you have to wait in line.

12 – Barbed wire fences
Barbed wire fences may be present on the track. These are clearly marked with red and white barrier tape. The fence may only be crossed at these marked spots.

13 – Marked loads
Marked objects such as logs, sandbags, etc. meant for women cannot be taken by other participants. Participants under the age of 18 are not allowed to carry loads, drag loads, or chop wood. They are allowed to saw logs. This article is applicable on both the competition and recreational categories.

14 – Duo/teams
Duos and teams are only allowed to use one axe for chopping wood and cannot help each other during chopping.

15 – Instructions jury members
Instructions of jury member, who you can recognize by their vests or shirts, must always be followed.

16 – Time penalty or disqualification
The track must be fully completed, without help of a third party. Exceptions are cheering, providing beverages and food, and medical aid or clothing. Duos or teams can help each other from within the obstacle. A participant can try an obstacle as many times as they would like. When an obstacle isn’t taken or taken incorrectly the participant’s wristlet will be confiscated which will result in a time penalty of two hours. Accepting the help of a third party will result in disqualification.

17 – Hindering other participants
Purposely hindering other participants is not allowed and will result in disqualification.

18 – Reporting accidents
A participant is obligated to notify the next jury post or race organization of accidents encountered in between two jury posts.

19 – Inflicting damage
It is forbidden to inflict damage to the property of others. Discovery of this will result in disqualification.

20 – Footwear
It is forbidden to participate with shoes that contain spikes or dangerous studs. Not following this rule will result in disqualification. Shoes that fall into this category can either damage other participants or materiel. The race organization or track committee can assess which shoes fall into this category.

21 – Faster participants
Participants are required to give other participants of the same category that started after them (i.e. a participant that is faster) free passage.

22 – Doping
Participants are not allowed to use substances on the banned list of substances of the NOC*NSF

23 – Objections
An objection can only be submitted in writing by the participant themselves within an hour of finishing to the run organization or jury.

24 – Respect
Participants should treat other participants, the organization, volunteers and spectators with respect.

25 – Physical fitness
By partaking in the run, the participant indicates that they are healthy and to have the physical fitness required to finish the survival run.

26 – Chopping logs
Logs have to be chopped diameter-wide, splitting is not allowed. Placing your foot on the log is also not allowed.

27 – Swimming
Participants must be able to swim.

28 – Image rights
The participant authorizes the run organization to publish pictures or video footage captured during the event, on which they are visible, without compensating them. Should the participant not agree to this, they must inform the organization of this fact prior to the run.

29 – Knowledge of regulations
The participants cannot use ignorance of these regulations as an excuse. Should the participant not abide by these regulations, a (verbal) warning may be issued, or it may result in suspension, disqualification or exclusion (immediate and/or of the next run).

30 – Refund
Signup fee’s will not be refunded unless the participant has a written confirmation by the organisation.

31 – Changes in Results
The participant has 3 days after the publication of the tentative results to contact about changes, after this period the results will be final.