It is possible to transfer your registration to someone else, however keep the following points in mind.

  • A KSR registration can only be transferred to someone with a compitition permit.
  • We do our best but a transfer is not garantied
  • Transfer is only possible for a period of time, so we can focus on the run the weeks prior to the event.
  • Settling of the payment is done amongst yourself

Below you will find a form that helps us to process the transfer as smoothly as possible. Oncesend you will receive a confirmation and when the transfer is complete is will also be vissible in UVPonline


    Information of the current participant:
    Name Participant


    Date of Birth

    Email participant


    Information of the new participant:

    Name new participant


    Date of birth

    Email new participant

    SBN-number (mandatory for KSR)

    Street and number

    Postal code


    Phone number new participant

    ICE-number (In Case of Emergency)