The SurvivalStrijd on the 11th of may can not take place without the help of more than 150 enthusiastic volunteers. They are the ones who make people happy at a refreshment post, who lead the participants through the obstacles and who make the vibe as great as it is! But that is not all. During the building weekend from the 3rd until the 5th of may, there are teams of volunteers constructing every single obstacle of the parcours, including our biggest obstacle yet: the lustrum-combi!

We want to make sure that every volunteer can look back (very) happily to the SurvivalStrijd, so we try to make the day as fun and generally nice as possible. Some things we do: Making sure you can see different parts of the parcours by placing you at different obstacles during the day, answering every question and request (beforehand) and making sure there is plenty of coffee, thee and snacks!

We also invite every volunteer to join the volunteer run on tuesday the 9th of may in the evening!

Do you want to make the SurvivalStrijd possible and make 850 people happy? Register here as a volunteer.

For questions, send an email to Jochem via: vrijwilligers@survivalstrijd.nl